When you go out to purchase groceries do you check out the flyers of the competition?
What about when you purchase a car? Do you buy the first one you see?
Probably not, in fact you probably do a comparison between products before you make your purchase.
What about when you make a purchase of glasses, do you know what the competition has to offer?

So you’re looking for glasses. Where do you start? For most individuals it’s the mall.
Why? Because it’s convenient since you’re there for almost all your shopping needs.
You go from store to store but can’t find anything different and unique.
They all seem to be the same products, well believe it or not most opticals and sunglass stores in the malls are operated by the same company.
Same company = Less choice.

What about Big Box department stores? Sure they’re cheap and they offer a different alternative to the malls.
But do you want to purchase glasses where you can also purchase a pair of underwear or groceries?
Then the next question is why are they cheap?
Of course buying power helps, but then how old are the frame styles, how big is their selection and what type of warranty do they have?
What was it that our mother always used to tell us...you always get what you pay for.

How about chain stores? Do they offer you information about where the frames come from, where and how it’s made, what type of features it has?
What type of frames do they carry, are they actually name brands or do they just make you think they are?
Just because glasses are under a sign or poster doesn’t mean that it is the brand that the sign or poster says it is.
Look on the temple for names and country of origin and feel the quality. If it says “Italy” or “Italian Design”, well what does that really mean?
Does that mean the company is based in Italy or that the designer is of Italian descent or just that it mimics a frame style that is actually made in Italy.
If it doesn’t say “Made in Italy” then it probably wasn’t. Remember just because it’s a bird doesn’t mean it’s a duck.
What about the names? If you can’t find a website in this day and age about a particular brand then what does that say about the product...is it a no name?
Any business wants to grow, so if the frame manufacturer can’t sell to others is there a reason for this. Probably because no one else wants to carry it,
Or maybe because the frame has problems with it.

Now what about the independents. Yes you are going to find bad apples here too, but there are many reputable stores too.
You just have to look around and ask the right questions. This is where the most choice and innovation can be found.
This is because they have to be different, so they carry products that the big chains and “big box” opticals cannot.
However, that does not mean they are necessarily more expensive.
In fact many times, they are actually cheaper because they know what is out there.
If they are more expensive then the competition they will go out of business, and believe us..we have a lot of competition!
The main problem with independent stores is that they do not have the big advertising budgets that the big companies have,
And so many people don’t even know that they exist.

When you see flyers and ads that say glasses are regularly priced at such a price but you can get multiple pairs for even less.
Doesn’t that seem kind of funny? How about those one day promotions and sales?
Does it seem fair to you that there is only 1 day of the year when you should buy glasses because that is when it is the cheapest?
Who likes to wait out in the cold for those boxing day type of sales?!
Wouldn’t you rather be able to buy when you are ready, and be confident that you are getting the best deal whenever you purchase your glasses?
Sounds reasonable to us.

Do you want to deal with just anyone or a professional?
Would you buy a car from the salesperson that doesn’t know how much horsepower it has, the trim types available or the number of airbags available?
Or would you get someone to style your hair even if they don't look like they know how to hold a pair of scissors?
Does that inspire confidence in you when you purchase the product from them? Probably not.
When you buy glasses, don’t you want to deal with an individual who knows what they are talking about?
Can they tell you what the pros and cons are? Again there are some that are better than others, we’re all human.
Are they there as salespersons to say “yes that looks good on you”?
Or do they know the optical benefits that certain frames and lenses have over others, explanations that only licensed Opticians can give you.
Remember, Opticians are fully trained in the optical field, they have made it their life to gain an accurate and up to date knowledge of optics.
When an Optician looks at a frame on you they are looking at much more than the style, they are also considering the fit and the details of the prescription.
Your individual prescription will have a huge impact on the final product.

So, finding the store and the Optician that is right for you may take some time,
But no matter where you end up buying, just make sure that it is with someone you feel is very knowledgeable,
And that you can trust with your eyewear needs.
We all deserve the very best in everything, and that includes our eyewear!