It's a fact...your eyes change as you age.
We're sorry. It happens.

There are a couple of ways to deal with reading problems.
1) Ignoring it and moving the reading material further away.
2) Purchasing a pair of reading glasses.
3) Purchasing a pair of...bifocals.

There are many types of "ready-made" reading glasses in the marketplace today.
These are the ones you can purchase without a prescription.
The main problem with these glasses is that they are not made to anyone's prescription.
The astigmatism, PD measurement and anti-reflection coatings are not taken into account with these glasses.

When you purchase a pair of reading glasses made to your prescription
The lenses will then be made of optical quality,
Any astigmatism prescribed by the doctor will be surfaced into the lenses,
The focal point in the lens will be placed according to your PD measurement,
And the anti-reflective coating will help you read your paper and magazines much clearer.