There are many frame companies in the marketplace at the moment. However, many of them do not specialize in making glasses.
At Eyephoria we carry lines that specialize in making glasses and only glasses.

After you get a prescription for glasses, it may seem daunting and confusing to select the lenses you require for your prescription.
As licensed opticians we can explain the benefits you get from each different lens manufacturer so you can make an educated choice.

If you are looking for contacts, you can find them at Eyephoria Optique.
We carry clear, colored, astigmatic and even bifocal contacts.
If you are interested in trying contacts, just call us to arrange a time for a new contact lens fitting.

We also carry a wide range of contact lens solutions, cords, chains and other items
that you can use to hold your glasses while still looking stylish.

We believe that the products we provide give our customers great value,
style and a uniqueness that the most discerning individual looks for and will appreciate.